Serious Pie & Biscuit

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best brunch seattle serious pie & biscuit

  • THE GOOD: seriously buttery biscuits.
  • THE BAD: bar-style seating bore discomfort.
  • THE NEIGHBORHOOD: South Lake Union Seattle.

Up the Space Needle? No thanks.

This Seattleite didn’t take her out-of-town guest there. Or to the EMP. Or on duck rides.

I did, however, acquaint her with the city’s unique neighborhoods, and brunched somewhere true-to-the-emerald-city, like Serious Pie & Biscuit by Seattleite restaurant-prenuer Tom Douglas, whose magical pizza dough that requires a 3-day cold process to produce” catapulted Serious Pie Downtown to raging success.

Serious Pie and Biscuit later established in 2011 as an extension to add biscuits and a bar to the pie.

Ride the S.L.U.T, if you’re not a fan of walking.

Or, attempt what my guest, Kristen, and I did, and park at Lake Union’s West Lot–free on weekends–and walk a half mile down Westlake Ave to reach the restaurant. Street parking or self-paying lots work too.

Side Note: when searching for Lake Union’s West Lot via GPS, use landmarks such as Mohai Maritime Museum or Starbucks on West Lake.

best brunch seattle lake union parking

Meet Kristen.

Engineer-turned-yoga instructor and fellow brunch-lover, she lives outside of the box, and appreciates out-of-the-box eats like Serious’ creative biscuit sandwiches, topped with fried chicken, truffle frittata, or something equally quirky.

best brunch seattle serious pie & biscuit

Rachel the Piggy Bank‘s “half sister” greeted us at the door.

She wasn’t dressed in the same bronze cast, but a slate that allowed passerby’s to decorate with words of Seattle pride.

Go Hawks!

best brunch seattle serious pie & biscuit

An open space embraced us behind the door.

We so-appreciate its inviting feel!

The hostess offered three choices of seating: bar on ground floor, dining room upstairs, and a self-serve bar to our left.

In frayed walking shoes, we gravitated toward self-serve.

Message to the pretty hostess: thank you for not mocking our rugged attire!

best brunch seattle serious pie & biscuit best brunch seattle serious pie & biscuit

Serious Pie’s loft-y building defines explicitly the area’s modern architecture–and demographic.

South Lake Union may not suit elderlies and families, but suits yuppies just fine. They come equipped with high-priced degrees and big paychecks, and embrace city life in hipster jeans, thick-rimmed glasses and the latest Patagonia.

Next to them, we most-definitely looked like losers; but, we won at eating! thumbs up

best brunch seattle serious pie & biscuit best brunch seattle serious pie & biscuit

Menu hangs over the self-serve counter: a sufficient amount of choices, but not overwhelming.

Order there, then pick-up and clean-up yourself. And don’t forget to compost!

Good news for junkies: bottomless coffee gets your fix on during the meal, and lets you take one to go.

Another Seattle delight?

Beecher’s cheese!

Without hesitation, Ham, Egg, Beecher’s Cheddar and Apple Mustard in Biscuit (10.5) rendered my choice. And Kristen, ever the curious New Yorker, picked Southern-flavored Fried Green Tomato, Egg, Bacon and Remoulade (10.5).

Food prepared in less than five minutes–and just as quickly, our consumption of it.


I dare not describe the buttermilk biscuit with a lessor word. Plump like a cushion, each bite tasted of freshly-baked butter and flour. A tender crinkle at first, it soon melted in my mouth.

best brunch seattle serious pie & biscuit

Attacking the Fried Green Tomato Sandwich next.

I stacked egg, bacon and tomato onto a remoulade-laden biscuit–an ambitious conquest but certainly feasible–and devoured each mouthful! Harmonious was crunchy fried tomato and bacon with fluffy egg and biscuit–as were flavors of salty, sweet-and-sour and buttery.

best brunch seattle serious pie & biscuit best brunch seattle serious pie & biscuit

If Oprah ruled the world…

Oh wait. She kind of does. And hence Beecher’s celebrity, after debuting on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

The handmade cheese indeed deserves attention. It’s creamy, smooth and–clean eaters, you can rejoice–preservatives-free. Who knew that a cheese-crafting technique dating thousands of years back can produce one of Lady O’s favorite things?

Denny’s Moons-Over-My-Hammy’s got nothing on my Ham and Beecher’s Cheddar!

Tenderized by a fragile trim of fat around the edges, fresh ham slices rested over eggs and under a blanket of softened cheese. Along with biscuit, they, too, melted in my mouth.

best brunch seattle serious pie & biscuit best brunch seattle serious pie & biscuit

Nobody likes highlighting the negative.

But here goes an honest take: seating felt uncomfortable. A pair of young–er, middle-aged–women like Kristen and I got by, but large parties, elderlies and children will find the bar-style seating awkward.

Regardless, our biscuit sandwiches brought the comfort we needed.

And the satisfying meal fueled our journey around town. There was still time for the Space Needle, but no thanks again. Kristen and I prefer traveling a less-beaten path.

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Serious Pie and Biscuit Westlake

401 Westlake Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 436-0050

Happy Hour: 3PM – 6PM M-F

Pizza Hours: Sunday through Thursday 11AM -10PM Fridays and Saturdays 11AM-11PM

Biscuit Hours: Monday through Friday 7AM – 3PM Saturdays and Sundays 9AM-3PM

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