520 Bar and Grill Bellevue

best brunch seattle 520 bar and grill

  • THE GOOD: excellent location.
  • THE BAD: so-so food.
  • THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Bellevue, Greater Seattle.

The number 520 in 520 Bar and Grill represents not the 520 Bridge but an area code.

It encompasses parts of Bellevue, Medina and Clyde Hill that is home to the roughly 7,000 residents who inspired local real estate professionals Joseph and Randi Brazen (of Brazen Sotheby International Realty)’s concept of a neighborhood bar and grill that resonates 520’s diverse and fun-loving people.

The establishment resides two blocks from downtown park.

On Old Main that is Bellevue’s vibrant historical strip, full of retail and restaurants that served the locals before glossy high rises dotted the city.

There is parking on the street and in the park’s parking lots; but if both are full–a likely situation on weekends–Bellevue Square offers tiered garages that are a short distance away.

Inside the restaurant, custom-made European decor furnishes an ostentatious atmosphere.

However, amicable staff created more relaxing vibe. They accommodated specific seating needs that may have been difficult during peak hours–and we appreciate the effort.

The 520 French Toast (12) arrived first.

Despite whipped cream that appeared too runny to be freshly-made and not enough fruits on the side; buttery, flaky croissant bread offered substantial texture and richness.

Also on the side were bacon and eggs. The eggs were, unfortunately, dry and bland. Tender bacon, though, lifted the meal’s subpar quality.

best brunch seattle 520 bar and grill

best brunch seattle 520 bar and grill

Next delivery included steak and eggs (14).

Despite elegant presentation, the meal was disappointing. Steak was over-cooked, dehydrated and hard-to-chew; and potatoes were stale. Flavorsome seasoning tried–but failed–to recover crummy cooking.

Eggs, however, were fluffy, cheesy and faintly sweet with sprinkles of chopped green onion.

best brunch seattle 520 bar and grill best brunch seattle 520 bar and grill best brunch seattle 520 bar and grill

Sweet potato fries were fantastic.

Slender, tender and lightly-salted, they tasted heavenly by themselves but even better in creamy ranch.

best brunch seattle 520 bar and grill

The fries ended the experience on a high note.

Otherwise, we rate brunch at 520 Bar and Grill to be mediocre, especially for Bellevue’s standard. At slightly higher price point–and we all know that Bellevue, Clyde Hill and Medina are above-average suburban neighborhoods–shouldn’t people expect more than so-so quality?

We will return.

Service has been fantastic during each visit. Been there a handful of times, by the way. Lunch, dinner and cocktail were excellent too. Perhaps all the place needs is improvement on brunch?

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520 Bar and Grill



Phone: (425) 450-0520
Email: info@520barandgrill.com

Mon- Wed 11am – 10pm
Thursday 11am – 11pm
Friday 11am – Midnight
Saturday 10am – Midnight
Sunday 10am – 10pm

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