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520 Bar and Grill Bellevue

best brunch seattle 520 bar and grill

THE GOOD: excellent location. THE BAD: so-so food. THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Bellevue, Greater Seattle. The number 520 in 520 Bar and Grill represents not the 520 Bridge but an area code. It encompasses parts of Bellevue, Medina and Clyde Hill that is home to the roughly 7,000 residents who inspired local real estate professionals Joseph and Randi Brazen (of Brazen Sotheby International Realty)’s concept of a neighborhood bar and grill that resonates 520’s diverse and fun-loving people. The establishment resides two blocks from

Pomegranate Bistro

best brunch seattle pomegranate bistro

THE GOOD: Southern comfort food. THE BAD: terrible service! THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Redmond, Greater Seattle. If you are Number One, better watch your Six. China, for example, aims to surpass America as the world’s Number One economy; and despite problems of “high inequality, rapid urbanization…and external imbalances,” brought on by the country’s rapid economic ascension, China continues to accelerate growth. (Source: World Bank China Overview, World Bank Org) Observing super powers may stand too grand a gesture for this little website. But we cannot neglect a similar growth in

Tavern Hall

best brunch seattle tavern hall

THE GOOD: down-to-earth place in glamorous Bellevue. THE BAD: baked eggs were heavy. THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Bellevue, Greater Seattle. We Seattleites seek comfort in the big city. Taking delight in clamor, cluster and chaos, and at times forget to appreciate simple pleasures of, well, something different. But once in a while, we tire of “That-Seattle-Scene,” and travel across Lake Washington to the burbs, or what most people call “The East Side,” which, when actively-sought, turns from dull to fresh and stale to crisp. And what a crispy vibe Bellevue promulgates! A different perspective–and

The French Bakery Kirkland

best brunch seattle the french bakery

THE GOOD: good location, mocha and pastries. THE BAD: lunch items not up to par. THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Kirkland, Greater Seattle. We regret to report that even the French Bakery’s desirable location cannot save it from receiving a mediocre review. Sitting across from the Library and Transit Center in Downtown Kirkland, the bakery and coffee shop’s busy foot traffic lured us in. Glossy delectables displayed behind shiny glass, and sweet aroma of coffee and cream filled the room. “An enticing setting and promising

99 Park Restaurant


THE GOOD:  excellent location and service. THE BAD: waffles needed improvement. THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Bellevue, Greater Seattle. Compared to Seattle, Downtown Bellevue lacks diversity. Please don’t kill me for saying that!   In my humble opinion, brilliance–and only brilliance–paints the growing area; with pristine high rises amplifying a brilliant skyline, and intellectually-brilliant software professionals, babbling acronyms of “IDE” and “API” and such. Food in Bellevue, again in my humble opinion, lacks diversity as well–unless fancy chains constitute diverse. For “spicier” palates, eating out can be exciting, as long

The Maltby Cafe


THE GOOD: “world’s largest cinnamon roll.” THE BAD: we ate the “world’s largest cinnamon roll” in one day. THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Snohomish County, Greater Seattle. Google “Maltby, Washington” and little returns. The town of 10,000 hasn’t much to offer but a small cafe with the “world’s largest cinnamon roll.” The cafe’s cinnamon roll–and brunch–are believed by Seattleites to be “worth the wait.” And wait we did, for 30 minutes, on a weekday, with folks of all sorts. Maltby Cafe occupies the basement of an old