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best brunch seattle tavern hall

  • THE GOOD: down-to-earth place in glamorous Bellevue.
  • THE BAD: baked eggs were heavy.
  • THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Bellevue, Greater Seattle.

We Seattleites seek comfort in the big city.

Taking delight in clamor, cluster and chaos, and at times forget to appreciate simple pleasures of, well, something different. But once in a while, we tire of “That-Seattle-Scene,” and travel across Lake Washington to the burbs, or what most people call “The East Side,” which, when actively-sought, turns from dull to fresh and stale to crisp.

And what a crispy vibe Bellevue promulgates!

A different perspective–and expanded skyline–each time we visit. Sprouting at an estimated 6.7% in population (as opposed to San Jose’s 6.6%) from 2010 to 2014 (Source: United States Census Bureau), what existed a sleepy bedroom community stands now an embellished Satellite City. Characterized by tech startups, as well as tech giants, Bellevue swiftly catches up to Silicon Valley as America’s next “Innovation Capitol.”

Bellevue welcomes change, as we welcome new prospects for the best brunch in Seattle.

Tavern Hall sits next to the Sky Bridge that connects Bellevue Square Mall to Lincoln Square.

Both host retail, entertainment and office space, namely Microsoft. An attractive location, to say the least. Even on a lazy Saturday, the restaurant bustled with traffic and noise.

No worries about parking.

Both Bellevue and Lincoln Square attach to tiered garages.

The restaurant accommodates in spaciousness as well: big rooms, ample seating and generous leg room.

Tudor style decoration dominates aesthetics.

Heavy metal, plush chairs, wood furnishing and high ceiling–all intricately designed to echo European sophistication. And please acknowledge the glazed tile walls: they beam an elegant sheen.

best brunch seattle tavern hall

best brunch seattle tavern hall

There is still modern technology.

Like rows of big screen TV’s hung up high. Missing a game, therefore, shouldn’t be a problem.

best brunch seattle tavern hall

Menu offers upscale comfort food.

Brunch included; but it stops serving at two.

Because Tavern Hall is also a bar, we attached a Hearth-Baked Pretzel (4.5), the restaurant’s specialty, with Salted Peanut Caramel Sauce (1), to a heaping order of Malted Belgian Waffle (11), Brick Oven Baked Eggs (12) and Buttermilk Biscuits with Marionberry Sauce (9.5).

Our feast began with two pillow-shaped biscuits.

Both plump with a layer of shiny egg wash. A butter knife evenly sliced them into halves, allowing smooth surfaces to spread with berry sauce–a sweet-and-tart medley with buttery bread.

best brunch seattle tavern hall

Amplifying a delightful start was the pretzel.

Baked in a brick oven–and therefore evenly-cooked–resulting in crunchy surface and dough-y middle, it broke effortlessly in one twist, and tasted of sea salt-sprinkled wholesomeness. Dipped in gooey Salted Peanut Caramel sauce, the pretzel was more dessert than appetizer.

Now, we understand its fame.

best brunch seattle tavern hall best brunch seattle tavern hall

Malted Belgian Waffle arrived next.

Topped with bananas and pecan, crispy, cake-y waffle fully absorbed sweet pure maple syrup and melted butter, touched by fragrant whisky malt. It, too, resembled dessert.

best brunch seattle tavern hall

best brunch seattle tavern hall

The Baked Eggs…

How delectable!

Inside sizzling cast iron densely packed eggs, goat cheese, mozzarella, sautéed kale, charred tomatoes, caramelized onions and grits. A bit burnt was the top layer of cheese and too well-done were the eggs; otherwise, the dish aggregated rich yet complimentary flavors and texture.

It was heavy, but also carb-less and flavorsome. In honest opinion, we wouldn’t pass it up.

best brunch seattle tavern hall

best brunch seattle tavern hall

best brunch seattle tavern hall

The dish also came with toasted bread.

A felicitous partner to all that cheese.

best brunch seattle tavern hall

We left the restaurant full and satisfied.

And pleasantly surprised that Bellevue, with all its embellishments, accommodates a place so down-to-earth. If we ever escape Seattle’s clamor, cluster and chaos again, Tavern Hall shall be our sanctuary.
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(425) 454-7500
505 Bellevue Square
Bellevue, Washington 98004

Mon: 11AM – 11PM
Tue: 11AM – Midnight
Wed: 11AM – Midnight
Thu: 11AM – Midnight
Fri: 11AM – 1AM
Sat: 10AM – 1AM

Sun: 10AM – 11PM

Closed Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day

Holiday Hours:

12/24: Close at 8 PM, 12/25 Closed, 12/31 Close at 9 PM, 1/1 Close at 1 AM.

Daily In The Bar
3PM to 6PM and 10PM to Close

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