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Welcome to our humble abode website!

We dedicate this website to people who like to brunch, and are living in, moving to, or planning to visit Seattle. Focusing on finding and reviewing the best brunch in Seattle, categorized by Seattle’s awesome neighborhoods, we provide honest opinions and detailed insights through personal experiences.

Please find snobbery elsewhere.

We’re a couple of nerds who are inexperienced in producing content and incapable of writing fancy. If you see pretentious vocabulary, we’ve probably used them incorrectly.

Please find discrimination elsewhere too.

We visit all types of restaurants, ranging from holes-in-the-wall to barely-affordable; but, most likely, they’re neighborhood eats, with down-home food, serving down-to-earth people.

And we’re here to serve too.

By giving you the best brunch we can find in Seattle.

What else can you find here?

Occasional posts of easy healthy breakfast recipes and meal ideas, because, indulging in all this brunch made our pants not fit. happy face cry

Thanks for visiting!

Hope you like it here.

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